Goldshell development team has designed different mining softwares to support our customers. Please check with them.

HS1 and HS1-PLUS Goldshell Miner & HandyMiner

Goldshell Miner is a customized PC miner software to support HS1 and HS1-PLUS. It has a user friendly desgin interface.

(Also, you need to download and install STM32 serial driver “STSW_STM32102_V1.5.0.rar” in the same link.  It will fix compatibility problem)

Download address:

Github Download

Only Windows version.

If you need Linux&Macos support, please try to use famous open source hns miner Handyminer.

Yotta BC

Yotta BC is a mining monitoring and management software designed by goldshell development team. It can help our cutomers to control goldshell and other brand miners in an efficient way.


Yotta MC

Yotta MC is an embedded mining system executed on all goldshell miner series. It provides a fancy UI to user to control and upgrade the miner.